This process shows you how to add DigiProfits as a partner in your Facebook Business Manager to share access to your ad account/s and ‘assets’.

When you add a partner to your Business Manager, you can grant access to different assets and assign specific permission levels. Partners can see assets you share with them in their Business Managers.

Before you begin

Once you have created your Business Manager, you will need to Create or Connect Your Assets

  1. Connect your Facebook Business Page to your Business Manager Account. Instructions here
  2. Create an Ad Account and confirm payment method. Instructions here
  3. Create a Pixel. Instructions here
  4. Add a Domain and verify it. Instructions here
  5. Create/Link your Instagram Account. Instructions here

Once you’ve created your ‘assets’, you will need to add DigiProfits to your Business Manager Account and share your assets:

  1. Go to Business Settings (click here)
  2. Below Users, click Partners.

3. Click ‘add’, and ‘Give a Partner permission…’

4. Enter the DigiProfits Business ID (2762452294003101) and click Next.

DigiProfits Business ID: 2762452294003101

5. On this screen, you can add DigiProfits to multiple assets and set permissions. Choose a type of asset in the first column, select the assets you want to add DigiProfits to in the second column, then assign a role (permissions) for DigiProfits in the third column – which will likely need to be ‘Full Control‘.

If you’re unsure of which assets to share, please feel free to contact DigiProfits. Businesses won’t all have the same assets, however we’ll need access to:

Repeat Step 5 until you’ve selected permissions for all of the assets you want to assign – ensure access has been given to the relevant ad accounts and pixels you wish for DigiProfits to use.

6. Click ‘Save Changes’

If you experience any issues or would like assistance, please let me know and we can schedule a video call to complete this step.