Client Case Study


SEQ Roof Repaints, Gold Coast, QLD

SEQ Roof Repaints is an established Gold Coast based roofing business that offers a variety of services to restore and maintain roofs.

They specialise in roof painting, repairs, cleaning, and ventilation for both residential and commercial properties. 

They boast over 15 years of experience and provide warranties (registered and backed by Dulux) on their work.

Campaign Details

Traffic Source: Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram)

Daily Ad Spend Budget: $20

Conversion Strategy: Complete a quiz to receive a customised roof restoration quote

Average Cost Per Lead: Approx $11.87

Performance Indicators:

  • During the testing phase of the campaign (Jan 2024), the daily ad spend budget was $40, however we needed to reduce it to $20 due to acquiring too many new leads each day. It was important to Marcus to remain within capacity to be able to deliver quality service.
  • We initially targetted the ads to a wider geographic area, including parts of Northern NSW and Southern Brisbane, however due to the positive response we were able to narrow this targetting to areas more practical (closer) for the team within the Gold Coast.
  • SEQ Roof Repaints are currently booked out months in advance

Above: Campaign statistics from 1 Feb to 1 May 2024

Above: An example lead and the details that are captured

Q&A With Marcus from SEQ Roof Repaints

Name: Marcus Schooth

Organisation: SEQ ROOF REPAINTS (Queensland, Australia)



What problem/s were you trying to solve when you were considering working with DigiProfits?

Social media presence and lead generation


Why did you decide to work with DigiProfits and not someone else?

I was working with another company and achieving small results 


What have you been able to achieve since working with DigiProfits?

On average 15 leads per week (from $20 daily ad spend)


What has made you happiest or exceeded your expectations since working with us?

The dedicated service from their team, fantastic lead generation 


What about DigiProfits surprised you most?

Their understanding and want to get to know my business 


Would you recommend DigiProfits? If so, what are the main reasons why?

Matt and the team know what they are doing and what works, they are also more than happy to take our feedback and what might work. Have already recommended them to othe business’


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