Client Case Study


Rainbow Roof Restorations, Perth, WA

Rainbow Roof Restorations is a Perth-based, family-owned business with a strong reputation for quality and expertise.  Established with a commitment to exceptional customer service, they have become a leader in roof restoration and repair across the Perth metro area and beyond. 

Specializing in a variety of roof coatings and repairs, Rainbow Roof Restorations uses only the highest quality products (including NuTech roof coatings) and employs a team of fully licensed and accredited professionals.

Campaign Details

Traffic Source: Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram)

Daily Ad Spend Budget: $20-40

Conversion Strategy: Complete a quiz to receive a customised roof restoration quote

Average Cost Per Lead: Approx $9.42

Return on Investment: 15x (in the first month)

Performance Indicators:

  • The daily ad spend started at $40 during the testing phase of the campaign (May 2024). It was reduced to $20 per day after a few weeks due to Graham and Sue feeling “inundated” – they were finding it challenging following up all leads within a timely manner. 
  • The inital targetting for the campaign was the Perth area south of the Swan River (which runs through the centre of Perth) – which is approximately half of the city. This worked very well initially, but when we understood how well the campaign was working, we decided to narrow the targetting closer to the Mandurah area of Perth, which is to the far south of the city and where the business is located. This has helped keep the location of the leads closer in proximity to the business – making it more practical and efficient to service them.
  • Graham and the team obviously have an efficient and effective sales process and stated they confirmed 15x return on their investment within the first month of the campaign running. This included their ad spend and DigiProfits service fees.

Above: Campaign statistics for May 2024

Above: An example lead and the details that are captured

Q&A With Graham from Rainbow Roof Restorations

Name: Graham Bunn

Organisation: Rainbow Roof Restorations (WA, Australia)



What problem/s were you trying to solve when you were considering working with DigiProfits?

Generation of more leads

Why did you decide to work with DigiProfits and not someone else?

You sounded like you knew what you were doing 

What have you been able to achieve since working with DigiProfits?

Increase in leads resulting in more sales. Since launching the campaign we’ve seen over 15x return on our investment in the first month alone, which has been a big boost for our cash flow.

What has made you happiest or exceeded your expectations since working with us?

More cash flow 

What about DigiProfits surprised you most?

Quantity of leads 

Would you recommend DigiProfits? If so, what are the main reasons why?



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